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President et secratery : Marc Savoie

Tresorer interm : Carl Victor

Directors: Grant Richard : Grooming, Vince Vautour: Communication (Facebook, Forum), Daniel Gagnon

Club News

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The Executive

  • Vice President and Treasurer : Vice President and Treasurer decided to leave for personal reasons . Currently, we have a member Carl Victor  who will be responible for the club finance by  interim until the Annulal Meeting (AM) next fall . We will not fill the position of Vice President before the AM. Elections for these positions will take place at the AM. The President is currently responsible for the camp and grooming .

Grooming and our trails

  • This fall, we went to fix the main trail by fixing water damage trails, fixing where water was accumilated.  The main trail was priority.

This winter, we had an exceptional winter. Lots of snow in December , ice storm , groomer broken and a lot of rain , etc. .

Procedure for grooming : The procedure we are undertaking for the groomer, if the groomer works well it will go out after a storm. If the groomer is broken , contact with Jean-Marc Daigle ( snowmobile club ) are made to do our trails. Jean-Marc will decide when he goes out. He will make snowmobile trails before and after ours.  I also want to mention, Jean-Marc has been very helpful and we want to thank him on behalf of the club.

The groomer : The groomer broke three times this winter. So it’s been a frustrating winter.  We want to thank Grant Richard for all the work (grooming and fixing the groomer) he has done this year.

Ice Storm : Thanks to everyone who came out to help cut trees and branches on the trails after the storm. It is important for everyone to participate when you have such conditions beyond our control. If the members expect that the executive members and a few volunteers to go out and clean all the trails in a very short time , you may be disappointed . After spending 16 hours in the tracks , I can tell you that this is a difficult task for just a few people. We hired Jean-Marc Daigle to come to our aid to cut branches in our tracks . So we thank him for that again.

Rain: We lost a lot of snow because of the rain and in addition to the mixture of snow and rain made our trails extremaly hard. So we tried to groom, but it's too hard to make nice trails. We broke the sled while trying to groom that stuff . So for now (7th of  February) we need more snow before returning to groom.

Lakeburn : Finally Lakeburn is now open.

Scoudouc : Roméo LeBlanc will now deal with this trail from Champlain Street to the Transcanada up to the former camp à Norm. The club will pay for these services as our groomer can not drive on the street. So Romeo will take care of that trail for now. Watch for new signage.

Signage: We continue to improve our signage. A new map with the right colors of our trails will soon be available.  The map that is there on this web site is a good one for starters.

Futur work :

  • This summer, I will be going out with an excavator to fix the trails so we can try to make better trail in the summer.  The problem is the quality of the soil in Dieppe witch there is a lot of bogue around Dieppe.  So we will look into that this summer.  We will be concentrating on the LeBanc trail, Esso trail and the main trail for this year.

Camp Dieppe

Currently, we are working to improve the conditions in the Dieppe camp.

Here the work that was done since Christmas.

Installation of a diesel generator : We are currently testing to see if it meet our needs. By the end of March, we will decide if this generator will be purchased or you will find another one.

Improved Toilet: The toilet is now clean, with toilet paper available every weekend. We installed a small heater for women and sented stuff to reduce the smell. I hope that all women enjoy the toilet since the president will take of it personally. Currently, the "lock" must be replaced it should be done tonight 7th Febuary. If you have any suggestions to improve things please let me know by email.

12 volt Light : We have repaired the 12 volt light system with "timer" Thursday, February 6th . Now you have access to lights even if the generator does not work.

Trash : Install new garbage canes to separate the garbage and recyclables.

• Brooms : New brooms were purchased for easy cleaning for the inside of the camp.

Work coming soon

• A new electrical panel will be installed in the coming weeks. All the material is bought , just need to be installed.

• The LED lights will be installed around the outside of the camp in the coming weeks to make it safer.

• The LED lights will be installed on the 12-volt system inside the camp in the coming weeks .

• Install lights in the generator room .

• General cleaning of the generator room .

Future work in the next year

• Paint the outside and inside .
• Repair exterior door.
• Repair exterior steps .

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