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Note: All Victoria County Rallies Will Begin At 10:00 AM

We are encouraging all members to attend the [Fall Colors Rally] at Skedaddle Ridge Club which is scheduled on October 5,2016

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If any concerns about ATV infractions contact the following:

Phone Number: 1-877-449-2244

The Lenoard Colony Trail Map

   The Lenoard Colony Trail Map

About Us


The VICTORIA COUNTY ATV CLUB INC. was founded in 1989 with a membership of approximately sixty (60) members.

In 1999, the club incorporated as the VICTORIA COUNTY ATV CLUB INCORPORATED and enjoys a membership of over one-hundred and fifty-five (155) members and growing.

The club voted to join the newly formed New Brunswick All Terrain Vehicle Federation Inc. in 1999. The NB ATV Federation has established seven (7) regions in the province, within which the Victoria County ATV Club Inc. is located in region one (7) which entails most of the northwestern part of the Province of New Brunswick.

The club is a family oriented club which holds five (5) "rallies" a year in which all members are encouraged to attend. The rallies are usually held on Sunday or Saturday starting in the month of June an ending in October.

Our "terrain" usually centers on the picturesque Tobique River valley. Acadian Timber is the largest land holder in the Tobique River watershed and a great working relationship between the club and Acadian Timber allows us access to some of the most scenic trails in Canada's "picture province".

We fund our club events by membership dues and poker runs.

Our members are community-minded and we proudly donate to community charities such as Plaster Rock's Lord's Pantry Food Bank and Perth-Andover's Good Samaritan Food Bank which provide much needed food and support to less fortunate families within our region.   It is the sum of $150.00 that is donated to these two food banks.  The Victoria County ATV Club have a new trail that is call the Lenoard Colony Trail which connects to the Skedaddle Ridge Trails. An the old railway bed from Arbuckle to Perth.

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Kevin Dunster President of Victoria County ATV Club Inc,
23 Berry Drive
Aroostook, NB
Phone: (506) 273-6610
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